Dolomites, Kevin’s Alps

New York based photographer Kevin Kunstadt last year spent a few weeks travelling around the Italian Alps. Dolomites 01, a high quality self-produced magazine, is the result of his explorations. You can see Kevin’s work on his website and you can buy Dolomites 01 here!

After eagerly reading his magazine, we took advantage of  Kevin’s willingness to give an interview to discover something more about his project. This is what he told us:

NBM: How did you come up with the idea for this project?

KK: Honestly, I think it happened a little bit serendipitously. I happened to be visiting my brother in Northern Italy and had planned some extra time into the trip in order to travel around that part of the country, but I hadn’t totally decided where to go. I think part of the reason that I ended up exploring the Dolomites was due to an old German photography book on the area which my parents had had when I was growing up. I think this grand idea of the mountain range was already lodged in my mind somewhat subconsciously. I also just really like mountains! And the Dolomites range has a distinct personality to it — the colors, and the formations of rock — which I love.

NBM: This project is part of your photographic work or you consider it to be a “side project”?

KK: It’s definitely not a side project. It might be my favorite project that I’ve worked on so far. And I’m hoping to do another project like it soon!

NBM: What fascinated you the most about the Dolomites?

KK: Well, aside from the landscapes (which are awe-inspiring at every turn), the region is pretty interesting due to it’s close proximity to Austria, and the way that you experience the Italian/Austrian(/Ladin) spectrum as you move North to South is pretty fascinating; Sometimes a country’s borders are not so distinct (at least culturally).

NBM: For how long did you stay here? Where did you stay during your trip to the Dolomites?

KK: I was traveling around Northern Italy for 2 weeks, but I believe I was only really in the mountains for about half of that. There was a good hostel at Riva del Garda, but otherwise I ended up in some cheap hotels. There are also some really nice rifugio in the mountains which I regret not staying in.

NBM: Is there any place that disappointed you? Why?

KK: The only thing disappointing was having to leave! There is just so much to see, and in reality I only touched upon a very small portion of the area. I didn’t even really get into the most famous section of the range.

NBM: Why did you decide to publish your magazine independently?

KK: It just sort of happened that way. I’m really happy that I did. The magazine is called “01.” My intention is to produce some more. I’m not sure what “02” will be yet. But It’s nice to have a framework in mind: a reason to take more pictures outside of myself a bit (even if it’s still my own self-published magazine).

NBM: After I saw the magazine I wanted to know whether the photos werey digital or analogical? How
did you elaborate the photos for the print version of the magazine?

KK: The photos in the magazine are shot on medium format negative film. I scanned the negatives to make prints, and also to print the magazine. And it is printed on a 4-color digital press.

NBM: Where do you live?

KK: I live in Brooklyn, New York.

NBM: Can you recommend us places to visit in your city/town?

KK: That’s really tough, there are so many! But for someone visiting New York City with maybe a little extra time to explore out of the city a bit, I’d really recommend Dia: Beacon. It’s a museum of contemporary art, with lots of site-specific installations, and all-natural light (from sky lights). It’s sort of like a temple for art. It feels almost spiritual going there.