Lauterbrunnen is the project that brought the Los Angeles based photographer Ye Rin Mok travelling around Switzerland. It was her first trip to Europe and she decided to focus on landscapes very different from her usual daily life. We appreciate very much her work, so we contacted her for a brief interview:

Lauterbrunnen Book

NBM: How did you come up with the idea of this project?

YRM: It was my first time visiting europe and I wanted check out a landscape I was not familiar with.


NBM: How was your trip to Switzerland? Was it the first time in Europe? Any impressions?

YRM: Yes, it was my first time in Europe. Amazing landscapes and scenery, almost too picture perfect.


NBM: This project is part of your photographic work or you consider it to be a “side project”?

YRM: All photos I take I consider as my photographic work either for work or personal.


NBM: Why did you decide to publish your magazine independently?

YRM: I enjoy all the process that goes through publishing your own work, editing, doing layout, printing, putting them together and mailing them out.


NBM: Did you make any other publication? About what?

YRM: Yes, I have made several small booklets.  The most recent one is a collection of still lifes of ceramics class.


NBM: After seeing the magazine, we wondered whether the photos were digital or shot on film? How did you elaborate the photos for the printed version of the magazine?

YRM: I used a film camera, Mamiya 7.  I got the negatives scanned at a lab and put them together using indesign.


NBM: Where do you live?

YRM: I live in Los Angeles.


NBM: Can you recommend us some places to visit in your city?

YRM: I recommend driving along Pacific Coast Highway and hiking in Solstice Canyon.

lauterbrunnen book

NBM: Thank you!

You can see Ye Rin Mok’s works and buy her booklets on her website.